Surface Water Drainage Statement

Our Surface Water Drainage Statement forms the first stage in the design and submission of a full drainage solution.

Our Surface Water Drainage Statement provides the essential information without which few applications would be able to progress. Often, a Surface Water Drainage Statement is the first step in producing a more detailed Drainage Strategy which in turn can be used to prepare a detailed design. For outline design however, a statement may be all that is required.

Our Surface Water Drainage Statements include :-

  • A calculation of existing run-off rates
    • Whether the site is greenfield or brownfield, an assessment of the existing run-off rate from the site is critical in devising an appropriate drainage solution.
  • A calculation of proposed discharge rate
    • Methods vary, but Lumax will review all available local planning and statutory guidance in order to confirm an approach. Based upon the existing run-off rate and local and national guidance, a proposed discharge rate will be established. Depending on the scope of Lumax’s commission and available time-scales, this discharge rate will be agreed with the Local Planning Authority and Lead Local Flood Authority.
  • An assessment of potential discharge options and recommendation for an appropriate discharge location
    • The topography, ground conditions, local sewer and watercourse network will be reviewed and recommendations provided as to an appropriate discharge point.
  • A calculation of required storage
    • The difference between the existing and proposed discharge rates will ordinarily be such that a balancing volume will be required and our statement will include calculations of the appropriate storage volumes.
  • Site Specific Recommendations on appropriate SuDS systems including approximate dimensions
    • The calculated storage volume can be accommodated in a variety of structures. However, different SuDS features have different space demands and may be unsuitable on steeply sloping, contaminated or impermeable sites. Taking all site based factors into account, Lumax will recommend appropriate drainage features to serve the proposed development.