Earthworks Assessments

We can provide outline and detailed assessments of bulk cut and fill quantities associated with earthworks operations of any size.

Our Earthworks Volumes Assessments can be tailored to suit any size and any type of development. Whether your earthworks concern is related to issues surrounding Part M access for a residential development on a difficult, steeply sloping site or your concerns relate to bulk cut and fill volumes on larger industrial developments, Lumax has a service to suit.

Minimum finished floor levels are often dictated by flood risk and visual impact concerns. When such factors are important, Lumax can assist with quantifying and minimising the volume of import or export that may be required.

Our service provision includes the following:-

  • Gradient Assessments
    • We can identify where steeper areas of your site will require special consideration as well as where the flattest areas lie in order to maximise your development potential. The Gradient Assessment is a simple approach that can provide insights into the early stages of master-planning and help you to identify your development optimum configuration.
  • Cut and Fill Assessments
    • For larger sites or sites with particularly challenging topography, significant reshaping of the land is often required. Invariably there is an optimum cut and fill balance that can be achieved.
  • Retaining Assessments
    • Cut and fill and access requirements can often result in requirements for extensive retaining features. We will assess the need for such features on a site wide basis and include cross-sections through any anticipated walls allowing costing implications to be fully understood.