Our services can be adapted to suit the challenges of the retail world. We understand why access is important and can mould our service to suit your needs.

Retail requires special attention. Residential, Distribution and Industrial facilities are less reliant on the fickleness of the consumer. We understand the demands of a good location, the need to facilitate customer access and the advantages of projecting a strong visual presence. By commercial necessity, retail developments  can be located in areas that are at more risk of flooding and it is not always possible to simply relocate to an area of lower risk.

Our Foul Water Drainage services can be used to understand demands and negotiate connections for development where, often, the finished footfall and customer needs can be difficult to predict.

Our Flood Risk Assessment service is essential for any development over 1 hectare in size and can be used not only as a means to a planning permission but also to understand commercial risk. Our Flood Risk Assessment will allow you to quantify the risk posed to your development, optimise the layout and mitigate the risk. Whether this is to satisfy a planning objective or to identify high flood risk areas so as to set in place suitable management strategies, our Flood Risk Assessments can provide all the information required.

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