Whether you are proposing shops, offices or warehousing, our expertise crosses the whole range of commercial development.

Commercial development has unique needs and we understand what makes this type of development different. Whether an office park or mixed-use development, Lumax can help to progress the most complex of sites through the planning stages and beyond.

Our Foul Water Drainage services are essential to understand demands and negotiate connections for development, where often the finished occupation rates and end use can be difficult to predict. Our unique and innovative approach to working with the sewer undertakers can often produce effective solutions in the most difficult of circumstances.

A Flood Risk Assessment is an essential planning requirement for any development over 1 hectare in size. It can also help to understand long term commercial risk posed by future flooding.  Our assessment assists in quantifying the risk posed and enables suitable mitigation to be set in place. Whether this is to satisfy a planning objective or to identify operational risks, our Flood Risk Assessment can provide all that is required.

Whatever the project, our services will assist you in maximising your commercial potential, achieving planning permission and progressing forward.

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