Hydraulic Modelling

We can provide detailed hydraulic models that can be used to prove the flood zone status of prospective development sites, inform insurance assessments or provide due diligence advice for purchasers or vendors.

Using the latest hydraulic modelling software and techniques we can carry out detailed hydraulic modelling of watercourses, drains and ditches of any size and complexity.

Hydraulic assessments are sometimes carried out to challenge the authenticity of the flood plain maps. At other times they are needed to assess the risk from local watercourses for which no model exists. On occasions the local authority or Environment Agency may ask for a hydraulic assessment to provide evidence of the effectiveness of a particular flood alleviation or flood improvement scheme.

Essential background information can be provided by a hydraulic assessment for any watercourse improvement works and can be used to inform Water Framework Directive Compliance Assessments when these are required.

Whatever the reason for needing a hydraulic model, Lumax can offer a range of services tailored to suit the demands of the authorities and the needs of your development.  We can provide 1 dimensional modelling where constraints are less significant and 2 dimensional modelling for more complex situations.

The software we use includes HEC-RAS , Flood Modeller Pro and Tuflow   all approved for use by the Environment Agency.