Surface Water Drainage Strategy

Our Surface Water Drainage Strategy is recommended for detailed applications. It combines a thorough investigation of drainage options and an outline design service.

Our Surface Water Drainage Strategy provides the most suitable product when a detailed application is being progressed. If an economic and commercially successful development is to be brought forward, exact storage volumes and the exact size and position of attenuation features must be confirmed and the impacts of these features must be fully understood.

Irrespective of the demands of the planning authority, it is often desirable  to have a fuller understanding of costs and constraints. Developers who understand the implications of last minute delays in planning or the difficulties associated with a poorly understood or excessively costly drainage proposals, will often choose this more detailed product – even for outline applications.

Building on the foundations of our Surface Water Drainage Statement, our Strategy is the next step in providing an appropriate solution for your development. This product will provide you with a full understanding of the form and function of the major elements of your surface water drainage system.

We include:-

    • An analysis of outfalls, infiltration options and the selection of an appropriate outfall
    • Detailed hydraulic calculations demonstrating the efficiency and operation of the proposed system
    • Layout drawings showing the size and location of SuDS features, storage tanks and oil separators
    • Cross sections through any ponds or swales showing the gradient of the side slopes and the location of all key features
    • A detailed report setting out the reasoning behind the selection of each element of the drainage scheme

Optionally we can also provide

    • An full cost estimate showing the predicted construction costs for the proposed system
    • A full SuDS maintenance schedule and operations manual