Distribution developments have unique needs. We understand how space is critical and can use our experience to maximise your development potential.

We know what makes distribution special and we can assist with any size of distribution unit in any location.

All developments, in even the most well serviced of locations, can have complications. However, the large size of distribution development brings with it unique challenges associated with earthworks, traffic and transportation and service supply.

Distribution units are often located in higher risk areas in order to access ports and major infrastructure. The wording of the NPPF allows development of distribution units in a much higher risk area than residential and this can frequently be exploited to develop in areas which would be impossible for other, more sensitive uses.   Our Flood Risk Assessment service is  essential to define the floodplain around your development and understand the risks to your tenants and clients. Read More about our flood risk assessment services.

With some development, difficult topography can be managed by careful site design and retaining features. With distribution, the size of each unit is such that a more complex analysis of cut and fill is inevitably required. We can provide a complete earthworks analysis – liaising with geotechnical  experts to identify material that can be used in the works. We can also liaise with specialist lime and cement stabilisation contractors to maximise the efficiency of your operations and minimise import costs. Read more about our earthworks services.