Residential Development

We realise that creating the perfect homes and living spaces for our future generations is one of societies most challenging needs. Our services are a perfect fit for the difficulties faced by housing developers today.

We understand the competing demands placed on the modern residential development. We are expert at balancing the needs of the developer to progress an economically viable site, with the demands of the authorities to deliver environmental betterment.

Our surface water drainage advice will assist you in delivering a compact, sustainable drainage system that will not compromise the viability of your project. Lumax prefers to be involved in the process from inception to approval, as this improves the opportunities for success. We aim to provide the initial framework for a sustainable drainage system  that will meet all the requirements of the authorities before your master-planners set to work on a layout. We will strive to provide a high quality service at depths tailored to suit individual development needs. Surface water drainage solutions can be delivered, from simple outline statements through to detailed design.

Our typical foul water drainage strategies include the calculation of existing and proposed flow rates and the identification of an appropriate outfall. Our foul service can be tailored to suit any particular requirement from the identification of pumping routes and simple outfall arrangements through to full detailed design.

We can provide earthworks advice from simple gradient assessments through to complex cut and fill strategies. Where greater detail is required in the planning application, we can provide outline finished floor level drawings and site sections demonstrating how falls can be elegantly controlled by the use of simple construction techniques.

We can also offer; services acquisition, access arrangements, vehicle tracking, car park layout design, assessment of junction visibility and vertical highway constraints.

All of our services can be offered individually to suit your needs. However, these services are often so interrelated that we would always advise clients to take a holistic approach and commission Lumax for a full suite of technical services. These services can be delivered at any level of complexity, from a basic statement to a detailed design and for any size of project.

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