We can provide assistance with schools, universities and colleges. We have experience dealing with both new build and refurbishment of educational facilities.

Redevelopment of existing educational facilities in flood risk prone areas can be complicated. These type of facilities are classified as more vulnerable under the NPPF and this classification can cause complications when the existing school or college is located in an area known to be at risk of flooding.  We can help to accurately map and understand the floodplain in the vicinity of the site and establish opportunities to manage flooding issues, provide compensation and facilitate development. Invariably with refurbishment, simply relocating to a lower flood risk area is not a viable option and we can help provide a flood risk compatible solution in the most difficult of circumstances.

Sustainable drainage systems of the highest quality provide unique learning opportunities for students whilst enhancing the school environment. Such systems can be integrated into the outdoor environment of new schools and can become part of their learning curriculum. The opportunity to provide improved water treatment, water attenuation and wildlife habitat has been embraced by many forward thinking schools and colleges to engage with sustainability at a greater level than ever before.

No matter whether you are proposing a new build school or expanding an existing facility, our wide range of services can help you to find innovative, cost effective and practical solutions.

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